Aditus Foundation |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Aditus Foundation

Aditus is an independent, voluntary & non-profit organisation established with the following aims: reinforcing the universality, interdependence and indivisibility of human rights;  observing, acting and reporting on human rights access; promoting a rights-based understanding and application of human rights; fostering a human-rights friendly environment; & highlighting the regional & international dimensions of human rights in Malta.

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Alleanza Kontra l-Faqar |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Alleanza Kontra l-Faqar

Alleanza Kontra l-Faqar hija NGO favur it-tqassim aktar gust tal-gid u vuci ta' min ghandu bzonn jinstema' u jehtieg l-ghajnuna.  Hemm hafna oqsma fejn l-Alleanza thoss li jista' jsir aktar xoghol halli jonqos il-faqar fosthom : L-Edukazzjoni , Il-Paga Minima, Dhul Baziku Garantit ghal Kulhadd , Ix-Xoghol Prekarju ,  L-Anzjani ,  Il-Persuni b'Dizabilita', L-Gholi Tal-Hajja, Is-Sahha,  Single Parents,  Il-Housing.  Ghalkemm l-Alleanza mhi marbuta mal-ebda partit politiku jew denominazzjoni religuza, hija lesta tahdem ma' kull min ghandu interess genwin li jghin halli jigi sostnut id-dritt ta' kulhadd li jghix hajja dicenti u sodisfacenti. 

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Caritas |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.


Caritas mission is to alleviate poverty and promote human development and social justice, witnessing to the Christian faith and Gospel values.

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Integra Foundation |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Integra Foundation

Integra (founded 2004) is a non-profit organisation based in Malta, operating independently of any political, economic or religious affiliation at a global level. The Foundation’s vision is that of supporting inclusive, non-discriminating and non-disabling societies, where all individuals have the right to human dignity, freedom, respect and social justice. Our mission is that of facilitating the space for marginalised individuals and groups to be listened to and to have an active and meaningful say in their lives and well being on their own terms.

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Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust

Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust (KKĠ) is the organization that manages the day-to-day activities of Il-Ħanut l-Arka and embarks upon educational projects and outreach activities.

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Malta Humanist Association |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Malta Humanist Association

The Malta Humanist Association is an organisation for humanists in Malta. We promote education, science, reason and rationality, and oppose superstition and dogma. We strive towards a more secular nation where church and state are separate.

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Malta Microfinance |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Malta Microfinance

Malta Microfinance Ltd is a non profit, financial institution, founded in September 2013 by the St. Andrew's Scots Church and is licensed and regulated by Malta Financial Services Authority. 

The company lends to people struggling financially, especially Maltese women and migrants, to enable them to improve their lives. Malta Microfinance aims to bridge the gap for people who cannot access banks and their services. This can inhibit them from various opportunities and/or forcing them to borrow from informal sources leading to a spiral of debts. 

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Mid-Dlam għad-Dawl |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Mid-Dlam għad-Dawl

Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl (pronounced: midlam ad-daul) is the Maltese version of "From Darkness to Light". This name was chosen by the founders of our organisation to express their hope in the future. The organisation was founded on April 10, 1995, by a group of prisoners held at our local Corradino Correctional Facility in Paola, Malta. The main original aim of the founders was to help themselves and their families undergo the prison experience with more dignity and self-esteem.

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Moviment Graffitti |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Moviment Graffitti

Moviment Graffitti is active against oppression and exploitation of people, environment and animals; with a vision of freedom and radical democracy.

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Peace Lab |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Peace Lab

The Peace Lab is certainly a well known voluntary organisation which has remained active for well over 30 years. It runs an extensive adult education programme through various radio programmes and newspapers. Though over the years, thousands of people have visited this blissful and and unassuming place, the Peace Lab has now decided to introduce its headquarters to the millions of people who surf on the internet.

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The Critical Institute |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

The Critical Institute

The Critical Institute is a non-profit organisation set up and run by academics and activist practitioners. It offers a democratic and interdisciplinary platform to debate, learn and collaborate on world class critical research, teaching and practice. We engage in practice that actively questions and confronts inequalities and oppression- knowledge and practice that have a transformative agenda.

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Third World Group |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.

Third World Group

In a nutshell, Third World Group is active within the Maltese communities, particularly in places with a high concentration of social problems, and works on issues related to sub-standard housing, illiteracy and the lack of basic material necessities.

The Third World Group is also committed towards issues in developing countries and people who live in emarginated areas in Malta. Volunteers visit families in order to get to know them better and know their needs. However, the group is more focused on the needs of the children, meeting them once or twice a week, depending on the activities planned during the time.

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Żminijietna |  Paga Minima Dicenti, Minimum Wage Malta.


Żminijietna - Leħen ix-Xellug, huwa moviment xellugi. Membri tal-organizzazzjoni jinkludumembri tal-Partit Komunista Malti, il-Partit Laburista , Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party, AlleanzaLiberali, attivisti, ħaddiema, akkademiċi, student universitarji, trejdunjonisti, ġurnalisti, intellettwali u pensjonanti. Żminijietna saret il-vuċi tal-moviment xellugi f'Malta.

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